What else to do on a snow day in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex than start this website/blog.  Guess it's more-less a way to organize my creative side and spread the word, "Look at me!  I have something to share and want love."  Being a filmmaker and a student of photography, there's much to share visually and since Jeff Bridges utilizes Squarespace, how can I go wrong?  The Dude abides. 

Guess it's time to start prowling through the various pictures I've taken and get them up here.  Will be adding headshots of clients soon, as well as getting my Eyes of Texas project setup on here and not just leaving it for Facebook.  Eyes of Texas is my personal art project, similar to Humans of New York, by Brandon Stanton.  It's a way to spread love, compassion, understanding and break down stereotypes one story at a time.  Comprised of people from all walks of life that live in Texas, from the homeless to the famous that may cross my path.  I attempt, my goal, to have one new person daily featured, two pictures of them and excerpts from our conversation that may or may not reveal some personal details that can make you think.  Well, it does me, so hopefully some others will dig it.  Already getting a nice response.  

Here it begins.  Much work I have created for myself.  Hmm.