Revamped the whole website here, from design to content, plenty of new to absorb.

The filmmaking side of my world has me behind on where I want to be with my photographs. The studio conversion of our late garage has taken pause while I edit most my day. That and being a SAHD (Stay-at-home-dad) are enough to overwhelm.

Still, I've loaded myself down,  committed to taking on a role in a feature film titled, Dead Fellas. My friend Bryan Massey is directing this comedy starring Eric Roberts. Then today I received word to submit for a small role in a new James Franco film, Kill the Czar.

With my plate full, I'm also spending time writing my own flagship feature film, Bonita! Nothing excites me more than delving into Bonita with 100% focus. Bonita and my photography, of course. Soon, will be adding more content to the Portraiture and Sensual sections of my portfolio. There's not nearly enough time in a day to accomplish what my heart bleeds for. Yet in that frustration, might be a tool I can use to push myself, to grind harder and exceed expectations.