Man I am just eager as all get out to have this garage/studio conversion done. My 37" octagon soft boxes are ready to light some faces up and bring out the beauty in everyone! I'll even take Vladimir Putin and show you his soft side, I'll have him rolling on the ground like a bear letting me scratch his belly. Shouldn't be long till it's all operational for the studio since all that's left is a 2nd coat of paint and then moving furnishings and equipment in. The desire is to make this little home studio a very comfy place to come have your photograph made and have a fantastic time doing. My inspirations range from Richard Avedon to Peter Hurley, so anything can happen, but that anything will be will be the subjects truth I seek. 

Am so amazed at the photographers out there these days. The work they do, is motivating. Used to make me question why even get out of bed with these rockstars out there, like Jaclyn Church Photography in Dallas. Jaclyn worked as a camera operator on a recent film project and I was blown away by her ease at achieving some amazing shots. Now that I am past my initial "not worthy" syndrome and can look at my face in the mirror, again. It's time to learn from these bad asses and see where I can apply my style. 

Nearing time to get back into the studio and paint that 2nd coat and be done with it...and done with my poor, sweet Chucks that kept my feet from getting painted up. Had those kicks for around 5 years or better, so time to retire them...or is it. hmm.

Hey man, thanks for reading. I'll attempt some more dangerous writing as time progresses. Without a stunt-man!